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The members of the Board are elected with a mandate of two (2) years, of which the first half is renewable one year and the other half, the following year.

Here are the board members
Function Name From Contact
President Claude Perreault Joliette, QC

450 755-1552

Vice-president Emile Perreault Victoriaville, QC

Secretary Yves Perreault Mirabel, QC

450 660-0190

Treasurer Albert Perreault Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC 450 883-5529
Director Serge Perreault Saint-Liguori, QC

450 756-8057

Director Robert Perreault Quebec, QC

819 752-3381

Director Jean Perreault Warwick, QC

819 358-5160

Director Denise Perreault-Breault Rawdon, QC

450 834-6686

Director Denyse Landry Saint-Charles-Borromée, QC

450 756-6880

new board member Chantal Perreault as of September 2007

September 16, 2007 - new Board member Chantal Perreault warmly greeted by Andre Clement Perreault
photo by Michel Perreault

board of directors 2006-2007 in January 2007

Meeting of January 28, 2007: from left to right : Michel, Nicole, Serge, Claude, Albert, Lise, Thérèse
photo by ACP, using Michel's camera

board of directors 2006-2007 in April 2006

Founding meeting, April 2006: from left to right : Michel, Serge, Albert, Lise, Claude, Thérèse, Edith, Nicole
photo by Jean-Pierre Perreault