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How access keys function

Access keys allow you to go to a major heading from any page of the web site. However, we have limited their use to the following links Home, Contacts, and Site map, in order to minimise conflicts with various browsers; see below.

For these key combinations, use the numbers on the alphabetic keypad. They work for most browsers.

1. return to the home page [Alt] + 1
3. site map and details on access keys [Alt] + 3
9. contacts [Alt] + 9

If using Internet Explorer, you must also press [Enter] after the access key to activate the link; example : [Alt] + 1 + [Enter].

In the case of Opera, you must first press [shift] + [esc] to activate the use of the keys, then press the digit corresponding to the desired page; example : [shift] + [esc], then 1, 3, ou 9. Pressing the [shift] + [esc] combination a second time disables the use of the access key.