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On this page, you will find the results of our latest genealogical discoveries and some discussion of new themes in the world of genealogy.

Family trees

Partial genealogies of members, showing their line of descent from Nicolas Perrot and Madeleine Raclos, are published in the quarterly newsletter, Le Messager.

Issue indexes of the persons mentioned in these genealogies can be consulted. See the documents page.

Perrot ancestral families

Many Perrot pre-1800 ancestral families are identified in the standard Canadian reference works

Only recently, we've found that certain families are related, e.g., Pierre Perrot, husband of Marie-Geneviève Poulin, descends from François Perrot (born circa 1580-1590), grandfather of Nicolas Perrot. Research continues to find links with other Perrot families and to go further back in time to a common ancestor. Difficult task, since the derivation of the Perrot family name is simply "from the family of Pierre", and, prior to the XVIth century, documents become a lot more scarce.

A new technique ?

Genetic genealogy might be the latest tool. Here's an extract from an article which appeared in La Presse, October 2, 2006, entitled The explosion of genetic genealogy, signed Mathieu Perreault (descendant of Jacques Perrot dit Vildaigre)

A new fad has taken over North American retirees: genealogy with a genetic sauce. With a simple test costing a few hundred dollars, and a sample of saliva, it can be determined from which continent your ancestors originated. People of Quebec descent can benefit from an even more precise offering, which identifies the region of France whence their ancestors came. ..."We've been talking about genetic genealogy for decades, but it's only in the last five years that we're actually doing it, because the costs of the tests have dropped so much", explains (Jacques) Beaugrand, who looks after the francophone section of the "French Heritage DNA Project", established by two California genealogical societies. "And, in the last three years, he adds, there have been many new developments. There are more and more reliable companies doing this type of testing, particularly in the United States."

In 2004, a review of genetic genealogy in Nature Genetics covered a dozen reliable companies, some of which are listed on the stock market. Tests cost between 100 $ US and 700 $ US.

According to Beaugrand, who worked a lot with genetics while teaching at UQAM [University of Quebec in Montreal], this new technique provides a more rigorous framework for genealogy. "Sometimes, tests from two companies might give slightly varying results, but this does not mean that they are not serious. It's simply that they will use different genetic markers".

In general, companies use either male markers, from the Y chromosome, or female markers, from mitochondria, a part of human cells which plays an important role in providing energy, and which is transmitted only by mothers, and not by fathers.

Read the complete article by Mathieu Perreault
[translation by ACP]

Perreault DNA

Two descendants of Nicolas Perrot, myself, André Clément Perreault [ nicolas > claude ] and John Perreault [ nicolas > pierre ], have already ordered tests on their nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and have also contributed their results to the French Heritage DNA Project. These results are quite different, however, because I, on the one hand, am the son a an unwed mother (Célina Perreault) and John, on the other, is a direct male line descendant of Nicolas. So, it would seem that John's profile represents the typical "Nicolas Perrot" DNA, which would have changed little from the time of our ancestor, except for some slight mutations.

What we need now are more Perreault/Perrot contributors, be they descendants of Nicolas or no, to compare and validate our results. John and I strongly encourage our cousins to participate; have a look at the French Heritage DNA Project, the FamilyTreeDNA site (english), perhaps the IGENEA site (in french), and, for more information, contact Jacques Beaugrand, or Doug Miller, who will be more than happy to fill in the blanks. Note that participation in the project also gives you a rebate on the cost of the tests.

For more on the use of mitochondrial DNA in genealogy, see The 7 daughters of Eve by biologist Bryan Sykes.
For a personal experience of results from mitochondrial DNA, see the mtDNA page.

Standard Canadian reference works

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    Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes

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  • Robert Perreault
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    and the web site FRANCOGENE